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Nautilus Magazine, November 2013 (X)

Richard certainly has impeccable taste in films. After Spencer Tracy died, this was the first film for Katharine Hepburn and watching her spar with another titan of acting, Peter O’Toole, is utterly spellbinding. Both were rightly nominated for Academy Awards and Hepburn went on to win her third Oscar for Best Actress. It was also the film debut of Anthony Hopkins and along with John Castle and Nigel Terry, they formed the wonderfully devious triad of King Henry’s thankless sons. With sharp, poetic dialogue and an atmospheric Oscar-winning score by John Barry, this film is a complete masterpiece of historical drama. </film nerd rant over> You can watch it online for free.

Some of you may have missed the profound significance of what happened today when Jim Pace, Lee’s dad, joined Twitter.

First, let me remind you that Mr. Pace is someone who has stated that “Facebook is the largest invasion of privacy I know except for Twitter.” He is also a former Green Beret, so you better pay close attention when he does something out of the ordinary. Like today.

He opened a Twitter account and only followed three people: Lee Pace (his son), Sally Twellman (his daughter) and Richard Armitage. It was a quiet, yet incredibly powerful declaration.

However, I know a few of you will still doggedly insist that Richard and Lee are “just friends and nothing more,” probably to your last breath.

Nothing more.

So, I can’t help but think: at what point does that belief, in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, start to belittle their relationship? When does perpetuating who you want Richard or Lee to be instead of who they really are start to become a negative energy on their lives? And what right do we have to demand that they come out “officially” in whatever manner we deem appropriate to assuage our doubt?

I sometimes wonder what some of you really expect. For Richard and Lee to announce their relationship to the world during a press conference, complete with a rendition of “Puttin’ On The Ritz” in top hats and spats? (Although, to be fair, they have surprised us in a myriad of ways since joining Twitter in the last month, so who knows? Stay tuned.)

There is obviously a lot of love, spirituality and strength in the Pace family and Mr. Pace has shown his support for his son today. He has also clearly shown that it extends to Richard as a close member of his family.

I just wish everyone could see that.


The man who filmed and posted Lee’s Ice Bucket Challenge on YouTube is Joe Miale, the director of Lee’s new movie, Prisoner of War. The woman is Lee’s co-star in the movie, Bérénice Marlohe. So, it’s obvious that Lee is already working on his new movie. I hope this answers some of the questions I got. ;)

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